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About Us

About our credit union

Acorn Community Bank was formed in April 2023 by bringing together Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union, Swan Community Bank and The Clivey Credit Union.

We operate across the whole of Wiltshire and Swindon. As a credit union, we are owned by our members, not shareholders. Through our community links and partnerships with employers across Wiltshire, we are working to build the union. Driven by the needs of our members we work to maintain their financial well-being by providing approachable, easy to access finance. With straight forward financial advice, we help members develop the financial habits for long-term financial security.

What is a credit union?

The first credit union in Britain began trading in 1964. Over the last 50 years, credit unions have grown steadily. There are nearly 300 credit unions in Great Britain, serving nearly 1.5 million people, making over £1.1 billion of savings. Acorn Community Bank is part of a global credit union movement. Around the world, well over 200 million people are credit union members in 105 countries.

Dedicated to members’ financial well-being

Credit unions focus on the long-term financial well-being of their members and the wider community.

Affordable financial services for members

Credit union work to make high-quality finance assessible to all, with loans at rates that are realistic and fair.

Driven by a democratic approach

Credit unions are owned by their members: they elect a board of volunteers to direct the way the credit union develops in response to members’ priorities.

Accountable service

Credit unions serve their members, listening to their needs, and developing services to meet those needs.

“We help people across Wiltshire & Swindon to sort out their finances”

Clive Henly, our General Manager, has been a volunteer since 2014