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Earn a £25 budget builder bonus

You can earn a £25 bonus simply by learning to build your own personal budget. If you wonder where your money goes each month or have used an expensive payday loan to bridge the gap, this free course could help.

We plan to run this course for small groups locally, meanwhile the course runs in small virtual groups and takes about 2 hours altogether. It is suitable for everyone, especially for those whose finances are a bit out of control. There is even the option of one-to-one support and advice at the end of the course.

Having a budget is a great step forward to a better financial future. Now you can earn a £25 bonus for taking that step: The first 250 people who complete the course and produce their own tried and tested personal budget will have £25 paid into their credit union savings account. If you haven’t got a Wiltshire & Swindon Credit Union account, it’s easy to open one to get paid the bonus.

Once you have built your budget you can claim your £25 bonus by sending an email to The email should give:

  1. your membership number.
  2. a screenshot of your completed budgetshown either or the phone app or your browser (you’ll probably need two screenshots to get the whole picture)
  3. your budget will need to show planned and actual spending
  4. and a bit of proof for one income item, e.g. pay or benefits, and one expense item, showing on a bank statement (again screenshot will do)

If you are not a credit union member yet, you can still qualify for the bonus, though of course you will need to open an account to have the bonus credited.

There are regular virtual Money Courses run for small groups, in daytime and evening, book here to get started.

We are grateful to the Illegal Money Lending Team for funding this bonus. It’s their mission to stop loan sharks. If you know of a loan shark, report them on 0300 555 2222 or at