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Swindon Borough Council – in partnership

About the scheme

Save on a regular basis, borrow when you need to

Acorn Community Bank have partnered with Swindon Borough Council to provide a savings and loans scheme for its employees. Staff can save money or make loan repayments directly from their wages – no fuss, no hassle. Everything is very easy!

If you would like to join the scheme, you can either contact your payroll department or apply to the Community bank, using the button below. You will need to provide us with your staff number and let us know how much you would like to save each month. Once you are enrolled as a member, you will be entitled to borrow from us at preferential rates.

Saving regularly

Join the credit union and start saving

It costs just £2 to join the scheme and become a member of the credit union.  You can then start saving with us.   Your regular savings will automatically be transferred from your wages each month to your credit union savings account.  If you wish to change the amount you are saving, simply contact our office on 0303 030 0147 or write to

The minimum you can hold in your savings account is £1.00 and the maximum is £60,000.  All your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

When you would like to borrow

You can borrow £250 – £7,500, interest rate 0.5% – 2% per month

Once you have joined the scheme, you will be eligible to apply for a loan.  Once the loan is agreed, we will advise your payroll department of the repayment amounts, which will be automatically transferred from your wages each month.

We will ask you to continue saving while you are repaying your loan, so your savings account continues to increase.

We foster a responsible attitude to credit and only lend to loan applicants that can afford to meet the repayments.

If you would like to apply for a loan, please press the button below.